Solvent-free Full Spectrum CBD is a whole-plant extract, crafted from select Pacific Northwest hemp, plus non-GMO MCT coconut oil (organic when available) and organic MCT hemp oil. High-quality natural fruit Terpenes and US-sourced stevia extract heighten the aromas of this natural, gentle and stimulating infusion. Suitable for topical use anywhere on the body, as well as for oral health.

50 Liter Indica CBD 777mg

  • 777+ mg Full-Spectrum CBD complete with the naturally-occurring, minor cannabinoids CBN, CBG, CBDA, and natural terpenes.

    Indica hybrids are commonly believed to relieve tension and strain in the body for a fully relaxing effect.

    All CBD is non-intoxicating.High quality, 100% USA-sourced and 100% solvent-free health and wellness product, quality assured. Every batch is tested a professional third-party agricultural and food safety lab.