Key Benefits: 

    • Loosens Stiff Joints and Muscles
    • Rejuvenates Skin
    • Promotes Healing
    • Reduces Skin Imperfections and Irritations
    • Neuroprotective Properties


    Common Uses:

     Back Pain

     Joint Pain

     Muscle Soreness

     Knee pain


     Neck pain


     Arthritis Pain

     Ankle Pain

    Relm Wellness Active Stick

    • 800 mg CBD and 200 mg CBG

      Relm's Active cbd stick provides fast-acting relief. We use all-natural ingredients, including high concentrations of CBD, CBG oil and pure essential oils of frankincense, lavender, and mandarin to help people dealing with everyday pain and soreness.

      The Active CBD stick formula is specifically designed to help loosen up sore joints and muscles so that you can tackle your next workout or everyday aches and pains.

      What is CBG? CBG, or cannabigerol, is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in hemp and is being hailed as the next CBD.  Our products feature the latest cannabinoids to hit the market so that you can find the right one to fit your needs.