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Meet your daily dose to a better you.


  • Full Spectrum 1:1 1500mg CBD CBG Tincture
  • CBG: Supports increase in mood, energy, & gut health*
  • CBD: Supports inflammation & stress responses*
  • Small batch, Colorado-grown hemp
  • CO2 exacted oil (no harmful chemicals)
  • Perfect for morning and afternoon wellness routines
  • Flavor: Natural Hemp
  • Please note: Packaging may vary. 

Slumber CBD+CBG Energy + Focus 1500mg

  • CBG oil combined with full spectrum CBD for relief

    Daily Dose is made with the industry's highest quality cannabinoid extracts using CO2 extraction methods to produce a product that is meant for tackling the day's stress, reducing inflammation, and may help to improve overall mood. Full spectrum CBD tincture with CBG oil is non-psychoactive, meaning that ingesting this product will not result in a high feeling. Daily Dose is a 1,500mg tincture which offers 25mg of CBD and CBG in one serving. The combined cannabinoids are generally considered to be safe for consumption at the advised dosages provided on every Slumber product. While more research is being done to better understand CBG oil and full spectrum CBD, Slumber is committed to serving cannabinoid products that are always tested by a 3rd party laboratory to ensure safety.

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